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Apr 18
Easter Three Jewels…

Easter Three Jewels…

Apr 17

Apr 10
Nidana Chain shrine at Dhanakosa as part of the This Being That Comes retreat. Follow for meditations and talks at The Buddhist Centre Online.

Nidana Chain shrine at Dhanakosa as part of the This Being That Comes retreat. Follow for meditations and talks at The Buddhist Centre Online.

The root teaching of the Buddha - that everything arises and passes away in dependence upon complex conditions - chanted in translation! An unusual, original, and quite lovely approach, chanted by retreatants at Dhanakosa Retreat Centre in the Scottish Highlands as they explore this teaching together.

You can see much more from the retreat - talks, led meditations, and reflections - on the Dhanakosa space at The Buddhist Centre Online.

Apr 8

This Being, That Becomes Retreat - Join in Online!


This week there’s a study retreat going on at Dhanakosa in the Scottish Highlands based on Dhivan’s excellent book on the nature of existence, This Being That Becomes.

To follow online, join the site or log in and click + follow.

The team members are Dhivan, Nayaka and Yashobodhi. Khemaka is organising and there are 14 retreatants. It’s a perfectly sized group for a retreat like this.

Dhivan is presenting his material each morning in a plenary session at 10.30 am. After that we’ll split up into three groups and discuss and mull over. In the afternoons at 4.30 pm there will be led reflections on the material. The evenings will be spacious and aim to connect the heart to the dharma topics that have come up during the day. We’ll have a double meditation session in the mornings.

It’s the third year doing this retreat here, with this team. It’s always a joy. And we’re posting some of the sessions led by Dhivan and also led meditations and other resources.

Apr 6
Suddhayu leading study on Triratna Day

Suddhayu leading study on Triratna Day

Greetings from Portsmouth, NH, where we are celebrating Triratna Day with the Order, studying together and reflecting on 47 years of spiritual community. Along with voices of American members of the Order we’ve a lovely little interview with Nagabodhi, visiting from the UK and an Order member since 1974. #Buddhism #Buddhist #Triratna #America

Chinese depiction of Thousand-Armed Avalokiteshvara, symbol of the Triratna Buddhist Order

Chinese depiction of Thousand-Armed Avalokiteshvara, symbol of the Triratna Buddhist Order

Happy Triratna Day from the USA

Happy Triratna Day from the USA

Happy Triratna Day

Mar 27

On the last full day of the Tonglen order retreat, Saddhanandi talks about being present as a ground for deepening understanding and as an incentive to deepen our motivation.

Follow the retreat at The Buddhist Centre Online

Tonglen Retreat: Thursday

It’s hard to believe it’s the last full day of the retreat and that we’ll be coming out of silence very soon. It’s now a process of holding the retreat steady whilst we begin to meet the transition phase of ‘leaving’. Meanwhile, I’m trying to work out what I need to say at 11am.

I’ve been reflecting on an extract from one of Sangharakshita’s seminars: ‘A common misapprehension is to think of ‘Insight’ in abstract terms, but the ‘Truth of Egolessness’ simply means being more deeply unselfish. To contemplate egolessness or emptiness as some special experience separate from our actual behaviour leaves it as far away as ever. If you find it difficult to realise the ‘emptiness of the self’ the solution is to be a little less selfish. The Insight comes after the experience not before.’

This comment reminds me of the Mind-Training teachings, especially the slogan: drive all blames into one [ie self-clinging]. These teachings are centred around the practice of tonglen and I particularly respond to the teaching of ‘Taking adversity onto the Path’. How can we relate to difficulties as Dharma Practice rather than something we need to avoid, or something that is ‘in our way’? I remember I was once asked by woman practitioner, ‘are you trying to leave the Wheel [ie the Wheel of Becoming] or are you simply polishing it?’

Much of our Dharma practice can be absorbed into making our lives run more smoothly, but this is ignoring the reality of what’s really going on – it’s ignorance, in fact. All very sobering!

12pm: Questions and Answer Session, followed by some concluding remarks

4pm: Groups, then the ritual: Opening the Mandala

8pm: Final Puja and Dedication

Mar 26

Following her talk for the fifth day of the 2014 Spring Tonglen Retreat, Yashobodhi leads a tonglen practice for help in working with yourself and a person you find difficult.

This is a talk Yashobodhi gave on day five of the Order Tonglen Retreat at Taraloka. She talks about her personal connection to the tonglen practice and the seven point mind-training and about practising tonglen in the moment. She also addresses the issue of difficulties with people, tying it in with the mind-training slogan of ‘be grateful to everyone and everything’, as other people provide you with the opportunity to go beyond ego. After the talk Yashobodhi led the tonglen practice, inviting people to bring to mind a situation in their life with a person they find difficult:

You can download the talk on Free Buddhist Audio

Also, download the led meditation following the talk here.

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